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LPG Gas Boilers

More people are looking for alternative ways to fuel their homes and businesses. Some for economic reasons and some to be more environmentally friendly. One way people are changing is to use LPG. At Waite Plumbing our engineers hold Gas Safe LPG certificates. We carry out installation and servicing of LPG and oil boilers.


Natural gas and LPG boilers services from £80.00 Cookers Hobs and Fire services from £70.00

What is LPG?

Liquid Petroleum Gas which is a combination of propane and butane. LPG burns completely and is therefore cleaner for the environment.

How do I get LPG to my house?

LPG is delivered by tank which means it is an ideal solution for areas that are not served by mains gas, it is not restrictive and gives the possibility for everyone to use gas for heating and cooking in their homes . The gas is stored in tanks which hold between 1000-2000 litres. The gas tanks can be stored above ground or if you have concerns about aesthetics they can also be stored underground. The tanks should be located in a place that is easily accessible. The tanks have levels which can show you the current level of gas held.

Why is LPG beneficial for heating a home?

The costs of running an LPG boiler are generally lower than an oil fuelled boiler and you are free to shop around for the best fuel deal to refill your tank. Also the jets for LPG run with a higher pressure and have small jets resulting in lower running costs to your boiler.

LPG Boiler installation

Like other gas boilers LPG boilers should be serviced annually by a qualified LPG engineer. Some boilers can be converted to use LPG. If you wish to know if your boiler can be converted then contact us and one of our engineers will be happy to assist you.

4 good reasons why LPG is a good source of fuel for homes:

  1. It is a dense liquid so it can be stored in greater quantities
  2. It is cost effective
  3. It is readily available
  4. It is cleaner for the environment

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