Oil Boiler Servicing

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Because regular servicing helps keep your boiler running more efficiently, which in turn means that you use less fuel which saves you money. With most boiler manufacturers recommending that a service is carried out once a year, this also assists in preventing potential breakdowns which may leave you without heating.

(Our OFTEC Reg number is 13985.
We hold OFTEC certificates:
OFT10-101 pressure jet servicing & commissioning for appliances
OFT10-105E Installation of oil & bio-liquid fuelled fixed combustion appliances & systems
OFT10-600A domestic & non-domestic oil storage & supply connected to fixed combustion appliances)

What we do during our boiler service?

Our servicing consists of a full service to the burner, boiler and oil tank. We clean the combustion chamber and check all seals and gaskets.

On the burner we:

  • Replace the nozzle
  • Clean the blast tube
  • Check / test solenoids
  • Check clean photocell
  • Test the ignition transformer
  • Disassemble the oil pump off the burner and replace any worn drive couplings
  • Open pump clean internal filter
  • Lubricate the motors shaft and bearings
  • Check and adjust electrode settings
  • Reassemble the burner and test
  • Adjust oil pressure and air settings to the manufactures recommended settings.

On the oil tank we:

  • Clean/replace filter or strainer
  • Inspect tank isolation
  • Complete tank risk assessment in accordance with OFTEC 600A Training
  • Unsure remote and internal fire Valves operate correctly
  • Inspect for excessive corrosion and leaks on tanks and pipe work
  • Inspect location for safety.

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