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Solar Panel Energy

Solar Panel Energy

Solar domestic water systems can generate between 50-60% of your hot water using radiation from the sun. Vaillant offers both domestic and commercial solutions using a highly efficient ‘plug and play’ kit, delivered with everything you need for a quick, easy and reliable solar installation.

Contact us to find out more about our auroTHERM solar collectors, auroSTOR cylinders and controls.

How does solar work?

Solar water heating systems can generate between 50-60% of your hot water using radiation from the sun through a panel which is often installed on the roof of a property.

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These solar water heating panels are ideally placed on a south facing roof, however they do work on other orientations, or can be mounted on frames placed on a flat roof or on the ground. The panels are then angled between 20-50 degrees to maximise the exposure they get to the sun’s rays which are used to heat water stored in a tank


By fitting a solar water heating system, not only would you be reducing your carbon footprint, you can also make savings on your energy costs. The saving generated will vary dependent on the size of the property, the size of the solar water heating installation and the amount of sunlight in your area but some householders have been known to reduce their annual energy bills by upto 60%. A solar water heating system will also provide you with hot water throughout the year and can be backed up by a boiler or immersion heater in the colder months when there is not as much sunlight.

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Most conventional hot water heating systems are compatible with Vaillant’s solar systems but if you have a combination (combi) boiler without a storage tank then your current system may not be compatible. There should also be no planning issues involved with installing solar panels to your property if you live in England, but it is always advisable to contact the relevant authorities if your property is in a conservation area, is listed or a World Heritage Site. If the property is in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland you will have to consult with the local authorities.

Solar collectors

At Vaillant we offer a range of solar collectors developed and designed to perfectly suit your needs. Our vacuum tube collectors and flat plate collectors could help save you up to 60% off your hot water costs.

Solar Controls

Our solar hot water system controls give you total control over your hot water so that it is available whenever you need it.

auroMATIC 560

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vaillant boilers.jpg

Easy and intelligent control for your solar hot water system

Solar control packs

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Solar control packs enabling our Weather Compensator to control the solar hot water system


Available in 3 different litre volumes.

This twin coil unvented solar cylinder manufactured from stainless steel has a 25 year warranty on the shell. Each cylinder features two sensor pockets for simple straightforward connection of the control sensors and a 22kW rated coil for a rapid heat up. Insulation exceeds CHeSS best practice and heat loss is as low as 0.08kW/h.

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